How to be good in bed and satisfy your partner

If you’re wondering if you’re really good in bed, you definitely have a lot of room for improvement. After all, being good depends largely on your chemistry with your partner.

But to be sure to hit the ground (almost every time), here are the tips you need to know. By putting them into practice, you will be able to reach the unimaginable desires with your partner.

be attentive to his desires to know what excites him

The first golden rule to respect to be a good in bed. we must be attentive to what she desires, to what excitesher. So you must listen to him, and interpret his sighs, his caresses and movements of his body to adapt your gestures, the pace of your antics. Even though verbal communication remains an essential part of a good part of the legs in the air (before and during the act), the body language is just as revealing. And a good sense of observation will allow you to work miracles under the sheets.

The female body has similarities and mechanisms that you need to know if you want to give pleasure to your partner. The basics are how to find your clitoris, its point G: the main erogenous zones of the female sex that will allow it to reach orgasm.

how to be amazing in bed

In a short time, you will become an expert in shovel driving, stroking the movements of the clitoris and pelvis during penetration. It’s about focusing once again on what works for your partner at the moment and do not hide behind the technique by persuading yourself that all women will react the same way to your antics.

have confidence in yourself

It’s a trick that we often forget about sex, but to please, we must first and foremost be ready to take it. Indeed, self-confidence (which starts by getting rid of all of its complexes, starting with the size of your penis) is crucial under the sheets. If you are worried about your abdominals or the width of your sex, you will not be able to let go and express your desire

This also applies to your partner, who may be tense if she feels that you are judging her breasts, the waxing of her jersey, or the cries she pushes during the act. If you do not want to be judged, you have to start being more tolerant with the person you have in front of you.

the importance of communication

If you had to take a single piece of advice to become good in bed, it would be this one. In terms of sex, the powers to communicate are often ignored. Start by talking about what you are passionate about and gradually increase the temperature before going to bed (or anywhere else) with your partner. When sexulating, communication is also a good way to excite your partner. Try the pig talk, you will not be disappointed. Pillow communication after your intercourse is just as important, as it will help you take stock of what you liked and what worked less well. This is the best way to improve.

do not make the mistake of starting are the preliminaries

The worst mistake you can make in bed is to start without the preliminaries. Do not be selfish and remember that if you only need a few minutes to get an erection, the female desire increases much more gradually. By making a cross on the caresses that precede penetration, you may rush and especially to prevent it is wet. Vaginal lubrication is essential for your relationships to be enjoyable and give you maximum pleasure.

how to be good in bed

In addition, preliminaries are not limited to go around the pot once under the sheets. They can start well before you face each other and take the form of a sexto or treasure hunt in your apartment. The goal is to focus on the pleasure of your partner and get in shape so that it is completely let go and take pleasure in taking as much as you.

do not take sex too seriously Have fun instead

sex is not a serious thing. The goal of sex is to have fun and have a good time. Nor is it an act of boasting to one’s relatives. If you take sex too seriously, you will have a hard time getting out of the frame you are setting yourself. Out, to be a good in bed, do not hesitate to improvise, to introduce sextoys in the bedroom, to try new positions, erotic scenarios. In short: spice up your antics so that they do not become a well-oiled and frankly boring routine.

Master your pace

The key to being good in bed, you must also know how to master your rhythm. In terms of sexuality, you should start by taking your time and increasing the sexual tension as gradually as possible. Modify the moments of tenderness and the more bestial phases. Your goal is that she does not know which foot to dance on, and that she is surprised at the turn of things under the duvet.

Also think of alternating the positions that will allow a true fusion with your partner (like the Amazon or the missionary), with harder positions like the dog, for example. The whole thing is to be able to give birth to a whole range of emotions which will make it completely lose foot. But also to adapt to the woman you have before you and what can excite the present moment.

how to be better at sex

Always remember not to stay on a monotonous rhythm and try new things (between tenderness and animality) so that the sex remains surprising for both of you, but also to discover perhaps a new fantasy or a faster way of to reach orgasm. We never really know what we love until we have tried, am I wrong?