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Australian-Pharmacy.net, who are we?


Australian-Pharmacy.net is a leading online pharmacy platform, legally authorized in Australia, providing a secure solution for purchasing all your medications at affordable prices. Our online pharmacy, accredited by the Regional Health Agency, is registered under authorization number DSP-CSSPSS-2011-057, and our head pharmacist is Mr. Jeremy Drant. We also operate a physical pharmacy located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, in the region of Queensland.

You can verify the legality of our relay pharmacy by checking the list of authorized online pharmacies in Australia.

Our goal is to make affordable access to medications easier for everyone. We exclusively source from manufacturers and wholesalers operating legally in Australia. Before each shipment, a qualified pharmacist, in accordance with each order, ensures and guarantees the quality and authenticity of the products by affixing his signature.

If you need advice regarding the choice of a medication or a parapharmacy product, our website provides all the answers to your questions.

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Pharmacist's Message

Welcome to Australian-Pharmacy, your accredited online pharmacy in Australia. Located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australian-Pharmacy is here to welcome and advise you from Monday to Sunday. Our dynamic team consists of health advice experts, true professionals in the field. We provide effective assistance in all aspects of health and parapharmacy. Thanks to our purchasing power and numerous promotions, we maintain a policy of competitive and reasonable prices. Our advantageous rates are valid throughout the year, especially for our selection of affordable generic medications.

Australian-Pharmacy has been recognized for nearly 10 years in Australia as a reference in the pharmaceutical field, and we are proud to see our clientele continually growing. We collaborate exclusively with reliable and accredited suppliers, respecting all rules for the storage and transport of medications. Moreover, all products sold on our platform undergo regular checks by Australian health authorities.

At Australian-Pharmacy, we are committed to offering you quality products and excellent service. We are dedicated to your health and well-being, ensuring a secure and convenient shopping experience. Feel free to contact us for any questions or information. We are here to guide you in your choices of medications and parapharmacy products.

Qualities of a good online pharmacy


Any website offering the sale of medications and health services by correspondence must be linked to a physical pharmacy. It is essential to find the following information: the name of the pharmacist, phone number, opening hours, email address, and accreditation number. Additionally, the mandatory presence of the European logo on the site is a guarantee of reliability. Australian-Pharmacy strictly adheres to all these requirements, making it a reliable choice. On our site, you will find all the contact details of our pharmacist, as well as our address and phone number.


Security is an absolute priority for any online pharmacy. It is important to check if a site offers an optimal level of security. Some elements can be consulted for this purpose. Thus, a secure site must have a URL starting with “https,” for example: https://www.australian-pharmacy.net/. Moreover, a small security padlock must be visible in the address bar.

At Australian-Pharmacy, we implement designated security measures. No transactions are carried out on our site. However, we accept all forms of payment such as credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Nevertheless, these transactions are conducted via highly secure external platforms.

In the interest of security, we recommend our visitors not to make payments via a public Wi-Fi network. It is preferable to use a secure network to protect personal and financial information.

We are committed to ensuring the security of our customers and guaranteeing a reliable and protected online shopping experience. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the security of your transactions.

Patient Education

At Australian Pharmacy, we are committed to providing information about the customer’s health before confirming a purchase. For example, when acquiring Viagra, it is necessary to answer a series of questions regarding health status, recent use of certain medications, frequency of sexual activity, and other relevant factors. This information ensures the safety and effectiveness of medication treatment, guaranteeing that it is tailored to the specific needs of each individual. We take all necessary measures to preserve the health and well-being of our customers.

Clearly Explained Medication Prices and Fees

At Australian Pharmacy, we ensure clear and transparent information about medication prices, shipping fees, and delivery times. Within the Relay Pharmacy, all prices of your medications are conscientiously displayed on the product page, allowing for complete transparency. For example, you can purchase a box of Cialis 20 mg for the price of $69. Once you have filled out the order form, the cost of delivery will be clearly indicated, ranging from $2 to $10, while the delivery time spans from 3 to 10 days as offered. These precise pieces of information enable you to have a comprehensive view of the costs associated with your purchase, as well as the expected delivery times. We place great importance on transparency to provide a reliable and satisfying shopping experience for our customers.

Affordable Online Para-Pharmacy

  • Affordable prices
  • Promotions and discounts

  • Permanent stock
  • Recognized manufacturers
  • Close to you
  • Guaranteed delivery (7-16 fast days)
  • No spam
  • Reliable – Confidential, Australian Pharmacy
  • Affordable Prices, Promotions, and Discounts

Promotions and Discounts

With our ever-available stock, we regularly feature promotions and discounts. When a product is new and in demand, it is systematically on promotion. Moreover, each purchase entitles you to bonus pills, ranging from 4 to 16 pills. Additional discounts are also available for our VIP users.

Permanent Stock

We work closely with suppliers, without any intermediaries, and each medication offered in our online pharmacy undergoes strict controls. Thus, we assure you of the reliable quality of all medications available in our pharmaceutical catalog.

Recognized Manufacturers

Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers and promote good health for all. That’s why we source medications only from renowned manufacturers such as Pfizer, Bayer AG, Eli-Lilly, as well as the best generic manufacturers like Mylan, Ajanta-pharm, GSK, and Teva.

Close to You

Proximity of our pharmacy: No need to travel; log in to our site, select your product, and place your order with ease. Without any intermediaries, validate your purchase and receive your order at the address you provided.

Guaranteed Delivery (7-16 Business Days)

Although located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australian Pharmacy aspires to be the best online pharmacy for the sale and distribution of medications throughout Australia. No matter your region or city, a few clicks are enough to buy your medication online on our site. Our delivery methods are reliable and fast throughout Australia. By collaborating directly with the best shipping services, we ship your order immediately after validation. We also offer home delivery. To know the conditions, feel free to contact us.

No Spam

Unlike many websites that are often scams, at Australian Pharmacy, we commit not to contact you intrusively. We will only contact you in the event you have placed an order with us, to validate it and keep you informed of its progress until delivery.

Reliable – Confidential, Australian Pharmacy

AustralianPharmacy.net stands out for its unique character. We are the most reliable and secure supplier in our sector. We offer an economical, fast, and anonymous solution for the secure purchase of your essential medications.

Safe Online Medication Purchase

Are you bothered by the need to regularly visit the pharmacy? Does your pharmacist not have the medication you desire? Are pharmacies near you rare? Are pharmacy medication prices excessively high for your taste? Do you lack time to go to the pharmacy? We are here to help you quickly obtain your medication without having to leave your home.

 Thanks to our online para-pharmacy, you can receive your medication with just a few clicks. Whether you reside in Australia, in regions such as New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, or in the Australian territories, you can make your purchase from the comfort of your home, using your computer or mobile device, and receive your order within the specified time frame. In our para-pharmacy, our order registration and preparation services are operational from Monday to Sunday. Please note that the delivery of an order is only made after the validation and confirmation of your purchase.

 Throughout your visit to our para-pharmacy, you can benefit from the expertise and advice of our pharmacists, available to guide you in the optimal use of your medication and assist you with your purchases.

Editorial Contributions

The editorial team at Australian Pharmacy consists of a group of dynamic, young, and professional scientific journalists who collaborate with our pharmacists and other recognized organizations in the field of health. The writers, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals contributing to this site have no financial conflicts of interest. Their goal is to provide credible information in line with the site’s editorial policy and in accordance with the HONcode charter.

 Our scientific team works daily to develop and enrich articles to share high-quality health information with a wide audience. At the same time, they are also available to answer all your health-related questions, leveraging their expertise.

As a pharmacist with a degree in pharmacy, I have been practicing for nearly 10 years in a city pharmacy. For the past 3 years, I have decided to leverage my expertise, gained through my university education, by providing quality articles to visitors of Pharmacy-relay.com. With the help of a young, professional, and dynamic team, we provide you with scientific and pharmaceutical advice in various areas related to health, well-being, and beauty. Thanks to my experience and the professionalism of my team, we can make this information accessible and ensure better understanding for patients.

Pharmacist's Advice

Medications differ from other products due to their specific nature. Each medication contains an active substance that acts on your body with the aim of healing you. However, it is important to emphasize that medications can pose risks to your health in certain situations, especially in cases of abuse, contraindications, or misuse. Although we offer affordable medication in our pharmacy, we strongly recommend that each patient consult a doctor before starting any treatment.

 On Australian Pharmacy, we publish indications, advice, and opinions that are intended to inform but in no way replace the advice of a doctor. The advice sheets available on each product page are purely informative and simply allow for a better understanding of a pathology or common conditions. We urge you to consult.

 We have also included a hyperlink to the website of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Australian regulatory agency for medicines and medical devices (https://www.tga.gov.au/). This link allows you to report adverse effects related to a medication at any time via the TGA website.

 Australian Pharmacy provides you with a wide range of medications, including many generics, available over-the-counter at affordable prices for everyone. Our online pharmacy is recognized as the best in Australia, as evidenced by the growing number of people who trust us for the purchase of their medications. We are delighted with your visit and hope that you are among our many loyal customers.